Ardán AudioCompany: Ardán Audio Limited

Founders: Brent Finlayson Smith & John Gallen

Year Established: 2009

Headquarters: Dublin, Ireland

Why Choose Ardán Audio? In an industry where technological advances have revolutionized all aspects of recording and mixing music today, one area that has not seen much innovation is the support systems available for studio monitors. So far none of the current products available truly address the most crucial aspects of mechanical vibration and resonance control (decoupling) along with the precision adjustment of both the tilt and panning of the loudspeaker position to allow for the optimum listening experience. It was these important variables that motivated 35 year industry veteran Brent Smith to research, engineer and manufacture the Elevation Pro EVP-M1 speaker stands. As an interesting side note, Ardán (pronounced Ar-dawn in Gaelic) means “platform”, “stage” or “high place”.