Pacific Island Audio Brands

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Canadian Direct Sound Distributor - Extreme Isolation Headphones Hearing Protection Noise Canceling
Canadian DPA Dealer - Reference Microphones High Quality Condenser Microphones Piano Microphones Cello Microphones Upright Bass Microphones Violin Microphones Headworn Microphones Theater Microphones Surround Microphones Miniature Microphones MicroDot Microphones
Canadian Focal Professional Representation - High Resolution Studio Monitors Digital Studio Monitors Audio Monitors Studio Speakers
Canadian Lynx Studio Technology Dealer - 8-Channel Firewire Audio Converters 16-Channel Audio Converters 8-Channel USB Audio Converters 16-Channel MADI Audio Converters AD/DA Converters
Canadian Millennia Media Representation - High-Resolution Microphone Preamps High Voltage Microphone Preamps Tube Microphone Preamps Solid-State Microphone Preamps Stereo Studio Compressors Tube Compressors E.Q. High-End Mic Preamps
SpeakerMate~8 is a passive speaker switcher that allows the selection of 8 stereo balanced outputs from a pair of stereo line level balanced inputs
High-Quality/Solid-state microphone preamplifiers/Summing amplifiers/Mastering consoles/Headphone amplifiers/Computer interfaces/MADI interfaces/Equalizers/Dynamic processors/ Monitor controllers/Surround Monitor controllers/Compressors/De-Essers/Software plug-ins
Canadian Vovox Representation - Premium Audio Cables Analog Digital Sound Conductors