Company: EarSonics

Founders: Franck Lopez

Year Established: 2004

Headquarters: Castries, France

Why Choose EarSonics? Located in the south of France founder and CEO Franck Lopez, also a professional musician and sound engineer, has designed a series of innovative in-ear monitors and hearing protection solutions that are sold around the world today.

For those not yet familiar, in-ear monitors replace the speakers normally used for the reproduction of sound and is returned to the musicians in the form of custom made in-ear monitors. Depending on the model, EarSonic’s offers a range of proprietary driver options with multiple armatures (miniature drivers) along with exclusive crossover design. This benefits the user with high quality sound while also protecting their ears from outside environmental sources.

Compared to conventional designs and their use of tunings, EarSonic’s vision is to improve the over user experience by producing both a musical and detailed sound in all of their products.