FOCAL-Pro Company: Focal Professional
Founder: Jacques Mahul
Year Established: 1979
Headquarters: Saint-Étienne, France

Why Choose Focal? Originally Focal started as an OEM driver manufacturer until engineer and audio enthusiast Jacques Mahul eventually decided to expand into loudspeaker production and Focal-JMlab was born. Many years later in 2005 the company was renamed Focal. After moving to their present location in the south of France, the professional division was established in 2002. Current series include the ST6, Shape and the new Alpha EVO speaker products in addition to the Listen Pro and Clear Pro MG headphones.

Unlike many loudspeaker companies, Focal has the distinct advantage of designing and producing all of their own drivers. It was through years of continued research and development that innovations like the inverted dome beryllium tweeter, the “W” composite cone along with the most recent additions of Slatefiber and Flax cone drivers, “M” shaped Aluminum/Magnesium inverted dome tweeter, Neutral Inductance Circuit and TMD Suspension technology have changed how studio monitors sound and perform. Today Focal Professional monitors are being used in studios and mastering facilities around the world. To quote a very wise man….“Listen to your music, NOT your speakers”.