IsoAcousticsCompany: IsoAcoustics

Founder: Dave Morrison

Year Established: 2010

Headquarters: Markham, Ontario

Why Choose IsoAcoustics? Many times in our industry, a product is born from the need for a solution and sometimes the path which allows a products development takes several other directions in life before being realized. Such is the case with IsoAcoustics.

After decades working for Canadian broadcast giant CBC in the planning and building of their radio and TV studios, it became apparent to Dave that the placement, isolation and focus of studio monitors was critical to how they performed. At that point, there was nothing on the market that provided the flexibility to optimize that placement and performance of speakers. It was this opportunity that eventually led to these innovative patented designs.

Today, IsoAcoustics offers an assorted selection of speaker stand solutions that caters to pro audio, musicians, and audiophiles alike. It only takes one time to hear the difference and realize that any speaker will perform better using these stands.