Lauten Audio Company: Lauten Audio

Founder: Brian Loudenslager

Year Established: 2006

Headquarters: San Jose, California

Why Choose Lauten? Lauten Audio began at a time in the world where every new microphone design seemed to be just another cookie-cutter clone of older more expensive industry standards, or simply microphones that were built to meet a price point where component quality was secondary to the bottom line. It was this challenge that inspired Lauten Audio’s founder Brian Loudenslager to eventually launch his first production microphone called Horizon, a large diaphragm tube microphone. Brian combined the talents and experience of a recording engineer/producer with the resources of a well respected PhD theoretical physicist to create an entire line of original sounding studio microphones each with their own unique character and timbre.

Along with the R&D team, another important element to the Lauten sound is the decision to use only the best components possible. Machined 3mm solid-brass bodies, ultra-thin (less than 10 microns) thermally evaporated gold Mylar for the diaphragms, high-resolution film capacitors, low-noise resistors, precision wound output transformers and Gotham Audio premium microphone cable are just some of the reasons for the success of this boutique line of studio microphones. Today the line includes the Eden, Oceanus, Atlantis and Clarion microphones. The newest addition to the product line are the “Series Black” microphones which consist of the LA-320 (large diaphragm tube), LA-220 (large diaphragm FET) and the LA-120 (small diaphragm FET).