MyrinxCompany: Myrinx

Founders: Jürg Vogt & Regine Schwilch

Year Established: 2013

Headquarters: Luzern, Switzerland

Why Choose Myrinx? Just when you think you have all your bases covered, along comes of pair of Swiss-born scientists who managed to turn the pro audio world upside down……again. With each of their highly specialized areas of expertise, Jürg Vogt (VOVOX) and Regine Schwilch (evosolutions) integrate biomimetics and material science for a brand new, unusual and refreshing approach to the design of modern microphones.

The design concept basically focuses on four main components of the microphone namely the housing, the cage, the internal wiring and the method of termination from the cable to the microphone. At Myrinx, they believe that these key elements affect the final result which is a more natural sounding microphone, free from unwanted resonances, interferences and signal path degradation.