SPLogo_150Company: SPL
Founders: Wolfgang Neumann & Hermann Gier
Year Established: 1984
Headquarters: Niederkrüchten, Germany

Why Choose SPL? An hour’s drive west of Dusseldorf, is home to SPL-Sound Performance Lab. For Wolfgang Neumann the technical wizard who labors in secret to create incomprehensible devices of great power, each of his handmade analog products along with Analog Code® plug-ins represents over 30 years of building and designing analog and digital audio signal processors for the professional sound and music production industry.

Some early industry milestones include Vitalizer® the sound optimization processor, the mother of all transient design tools, the Transient Designer, the launch of the world’s first discrete 5.1 surround microphone system called Atmos 5.1 and the development of the SPL Supra op-amps with an unprecedented operating voltage of 120 Volts.

Today SPL continues their innovation with exciting new products among them the MTC MKII, Phonitor One, Phonitor One D, Control One, Marc One, Hermes, not to mention Gemini, Mercury, Crescendo, Iron, PASSEQ, PQ, DMC and MC16, all of which incorporate SPL’s impressive 120-volt rail power supply. In addition is the Crimson 3, a well-designed DAW/USB computer audio interface for Mac and PC platforms which includes dual microphone preamps, dual instrument preamps, dual headphone amps (with Phonitor Matrix circuitry), dual monitor control and a talkback function. Other SPL hardware includes the 500-series modules like BiG, TDx Transient Designer, DeS dual-band De-Esser and the HPm headphone amplifier.

If high-quality analog and digital audio hardware or software is in your future plans, then look no further with confidence than SPL for the correct solution for your needs.

Website: SPL.info