Company: Direct Sound Headphones

Founders: Steve Rois
Headquarters: St. Louis, Missouri
Year Established: 2001

Why Choose Direct Sound Headphones? It was during a 10-year period as a studio session drummer and vocalist in L.A. that inventor John Gresko developed his idea for a totally new and unique headphone concept. This idea eventually became the Extreme Isolation Headphones series. As one of the only remaining headphone manufacturers in the U.S. today, Extreme Isolation headphones offer both exceptional value and incredible performance.

For totally field-serviceable headphones without the need for any special tools to repair along with being lightweight, comfortable and compact, choose the EX29 Plus™ for over 29 dB of isolation. Or select the EX25 Plus™ for 25 dB of isolation. If passive hearing protection and attenuation are all you need, then consider the HP25 Plus™. The most recent additions to the product line are the DS-73 (semi-open back) and DS-74 (closed-back) critical listening headphones along with a new series of condenser and ribbon microphones.

Last but not least, without a doubt the best customer service and product support on the planet – guaranteed!