Company: Millennia Media

Founders: John & Cynthia La Grou
Headquarters: Placerville, California
Year Established: 1991

Why Choose Millennia? It was his first stereo reel-to-reel tape recorder and then the electric guitar followed by building his own amplifiers and guitar pedals that initially sparked John’s passion for audio. But before he would realize his dream, he managed the OEM division for computer manufacturer Acer America in 1985. Several years later John would form Millennia Music & Media Systems and worked as a classical music recording engineer in Northern California.

After some recording sessions with the Sacramento Symphony, John discovered that the recording equipment available at the time was limiting his ability to achieve great sonic results. Determined to apply his years of experience in recording and audio design, he set out to design a microphone preamplifier that could deliver a much higher degree of transparent acoustic reproduction. It was during this time that the engineering and manufacturing division of Millennia Media would be created.

Many companies today design audio products with the sole intent of maximizing sales and profit. At Millennia Media, the goal is to manufacture the world’s finest audio recording products regardless of the cost. From the solid-state microphone preamps like the HV-3C and HV-3D to the Twin Topology™ designs (vacuum tube & solid-state) of the STT-1, Twin Com and NSEQ-2, Millennia Media is committed to offering absolute sonic and musical purity, uncompromised build quality and longevity with unparalleled customer support.