Company: Vovox

Founders: Jürg Vogt
Headquarters: Luzern, Switzerland
Year Established: 2002

Why Choose Vovox? Vovox was formed after over 5 years of research and testing by Swiss materials engineer Jürg Vogt and musician Kaspar Kramis. It was from these humble beginnings that Vovox “Sound Conductors”, cables optimized to transmit sound as purely as possible, began.

Cables are probably the most highly debated subject of controversy within the world of audio professionals. With literally dozens of brands competing for market share each claiming their own set of features and benefits, what makes Vovox any different you may ask?

Instead of basing their designs on traditional physical values such as ohmic resistance or capacity, Vovox “Sound Conductors” are created using a different set of criteria. These include things like very pure oxygen-free SPOFHC solid-core copper conductors with or without silver-plating, ultra-pure PVC free polymer coatings and an additional separate conductor for ground. These components are then carefully arranged in a helical scan configuration and covered with a flexible fabric netting. The end result is a cable that not only is better at transmitting sound as efficiently as possible, it is also very light and flexible compared to standard cables.